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"We can afford to mix very diverse back and front office systems in the same enterprise, but a consistent middle is the image of the enterprise organization."

About this site

My concern is to provide rarely-found material that helps understanding the issues, taking decisions, meeting deadlines and staying within budget in the integration area.

Of course you should know about project management, team leading, and budget control in order to succeed: this is not my purpose but in those aspects peculiar to integration.

Of course integration requires to master a lot of technical knowledge on protocols, syntaxes and performance issues: this is neither my purpose. Knowing such material is necessary not to fail, but actually, it isn't sufficient to make you succeed.

Neither would you find here an echo of these truly* magnificent visions of the future all-service-connected-world, so perfect that with a teardrop you'll whisper: "oh, this is really the product I must purchase / the (SOA) architecture I must adopt" ...and all your problems would vanish... promised. ( *: I think it: the visions are really great but there are still many batch processes and data sync issues laying around. Ignoring such reality is monstruous... as much as not initiating transformation towards more agile infrastructures)

This site is about what I would call the grey zone, fitting in between objectives and implementation, in between application logic and data exchange infrastructures, in between business and IT principles, in between architecture visions and realistic plans, in between the best that may fail and the rough that surely works. This is the place where - I learned - all decisions can shape the success or failure of an integration project.

It is even greyer because I - deliberately - relax from the exhaustivity of cases and completeness of descriptions in order to favor understandability and - above all - practicality. Indeed, my desire is to help the typical project manager or engineer mired for the first time into integration issues: he is clever enough to generalize and adapt concepts to his own context and select the right overall direction to go once you shed some light on the alternatives*. ( *:I doubt that the current dazzle from SOA vendors would put him on the right track for a bunch of real-life problems)

In other words, I'll try to save you from the details and exceptions that I know you would discover faster than I can possibly explain.

After all, this site is entirely about artifacts; i.e. you decide what you want the systems to be like.

Artifacts, there we are. Let me explain .

First Steps

Have you noticed the "and" between "Enterprise" and "Application" in the title* ?

Indeed, I want to mean integration inside and outside the enterprise that is commonly denoted as EAI* and B2B integration. I prefer to see two levels of integration rather than the two sides of the enterprise border, such latter split being unwholesome. ( *: EAI usually means "{Enterprise-Applications} Integration", and beside the title I stick to this agreed meaning)

In reality we have


I you like or dislike the site, if you have a poor or bad experience, if it helped progress with your projects, if you agree or disagree with some principle, please tell me, I appreciate feedback and hereby commits to publish anything intelligent.

Release Notes

October 2005
In June 2003 a first small set of pages were put online. Since then I have been so busy that I was not able to carry on the construction of the site. The wealth of my business is now giving me the possibility to progress with my book and - first - publish some of its material online.

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